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I hereby declare that I am legally entitled to represent the accommodation facility stated in the sign-up form.
I hereby declare that I am not working for, on behalf or do not hold a business interest in a business operation which is currently a competitor or will be a future competitor of RateMate.


Parties are obliged to keep confidential any information regarding operations and business. Trade and company secrets that have been made available to the respective other party shall be kept confidential for two years after the setting up of the account or the expiration of the business agreement. Confidential documents shall only be made available to persons concerned, in particular those belonging to the respective area of operations.


RateMate does not warrant and is not liable for the accuracy of any content or data provided in its products or websites. Content and data are based on sources RateMate deems trustworthy and which RateMate randomly checks. RateMate does not assume any liability or guarantee for currentness, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. This concern is expressly raised and it is pointed out that the information offered is afflicted with the risk of inaccuracy. RateMate cannot eliminate and is not liable for any damage resulting from decisions that were based on information of RateMate.

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